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Friday, May 7, 2010


The Purpose Of Calender

Calendars are systems of measuring and recording the passage of time.Calenders help people plan out their activities during the year.Most religions and cultures have their own calender systems,which portrays what each respective religion reveres and hold sacred.Thus, each religion will name the days and months in the honour of something holy in their ideology.

The Gregorian Calendar

The most commonly used calender today is the Gregorian calendar,named after Pope Gregory XII who established it in 1582.Because familiarity breeds contempt,the name or the days and months in this particular calendar may seem to be devoid of meaning and value.A closer observation will expose the false religions and idols lurking in the shadows......

The Days Of Darkness

MONDAY was dedicated to the worship of the moon goddess. (World Book Encylopadia, Vol. 13,Pg. 545)
TUESDAY gets its name from Tiu or Tiw,the old Saxon form of Tyr,the name of Norse god of war.
WEDNESDAY was named to honour Woden or Odin,the chief god in Teutonic mythology.(Ibid, Vol. 19,Pg. 730)
THURSDAY was initially Thor's day,sacred to Thor,the Teutonic god of thunder.(Ibid, Vol, 7,Pg. 459)
FRIDAY is a simplified form of Frigg's day.Frigg was a goddess of love in Norse mythology.
SATURDAY earn its name from the Roman god Saturn.(Ibid, Vol. 17,Pg. 99)
The Teutonic people reserved SUNDAY for the worship of the sun.(Ibid, Vol. 18,Pg. 423)

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