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Monday, May 3, 2010


From when man first began to build mud houses,to the present enormous towns and cities we see and live in today,man has had to go through many years of study in college and university,to qualify to become an architect or an engineer,to achieve these up-to-date,state-of-the-art office blocks,houses and department stores that we see today.But animals don't need this.Allah has installed in them long before birth.

As for the weaver bird,study the diagram of the various complex knots that the bird uses in constructing it's nest.These knots are used by humans as well on a daily basis,but requires training to accomplish them.

One can witness the beautiful architectural construction of the weaver bird in the trees outside the house.Allah say,"Indeed this is a sign for those who ponder".Let us ponder all the time,over the creation of Allah,and realise that we as humans can,and should learn so much from masterpieces of the natural world,that Allah has created.

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