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Monday, May 3, 2010


It is undoubtedly correct that theMuslim are perplexed in every imaginable sphere of their lives.However,such a question from a muslim is quite astonishing because Islam is a religion regarding whose perfection Allah declares in the Holy Qur'an "today I have perfection for you your din,and I have complated My bounties upon you and I satisfied with Islam as a religion for you'(surah Maidah)

your religion,say Allah,is Islam and I am satisfied with Islam being your religion.What a blessed official stamp of approval this is?How can it be that those who profess anf submit to an untarnished and perfect Deen ever be perplexed even in these times of total degeneration.There is not a single facet of this earthly life which lacks some explanation or the other by Allah and His rasool.Not only did the Rasool verbally explain it but he,as well as the Sahaba rendered it into practice as well.Success of Deen and the world is confined to following the footstep of Rasulullah.

However,if we begin to regard total adherence to the Sunnah as an antiquated way of life and narrowmindedness,the consequences of the hereafter are quite obvious and the repercussion in this world are being witnessed by us right now .Let us place the lifestyle of Sahaba before us and let us examine the condition of the Ummah.Every Sunnah is being intentionally and courageously abandoned.In fact the Sunnah is being disputed and challenged.Anyone inviting towards the true Sunnah is branded stupid and foolish.When this is the condition of the Ummah,what shame and dignity do they have to complain of their torments.Allah unambigiously declares:"Whatever calamity befall you is because of the earnings of your hand"

There are many such verses emphasising this point in the holy Qur'an.In connection to verse,Hazrat Ali narrates that Rasulullah explained the commentary of this verse thus "O Ali!Whatever befall you in the form of sickness,punisshment or worldly calamities,they are all earnings of your own hands."

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